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Badge Badge Name How to Earn It

  • Star Rating

    Love it or hate it? Rate it. Give every book you read for Spark A Reaction a star rating to help others decide what books to read and what to leave in the stacks. Learn More

  • Comment

    What do you think? Join the conversation about a book by leaving a comment on anything you have read for Spark A Reaction. Learn More

  • Tag

    Scary? Funny? Help others learn about the genre, tone, or theme of a book by tagging it. Learn More

  • List

    What's your top ten, or twenty! Share a list about your favorites with others. Learn More

  • Similar Title

    Does one book remind you of another? Make the connection for other readers. Learn More

  • Quote

    And I quote. Add your favorite line from a book you read for Spark A Reaction. Learn More

  • Summary

    In a nutshell: Let others know what a book is all about. Be careful not to spoil it! Learn More

  • You've joined!

    Congratulations! Earning this badge means that you're part of Spark A Reaction.

  • Shelve it!

    Keep track. Show off all the books you read on your Spark A Reaction shelf. Learn More

  • Reading challenge

    Win this badge if you complete your reading target. Learn More

  • Quiz Maker

    Ready to stump your fellow readers? Make a quiz or six of your own! Learn More

  • Quiz Taker

    Are you a book trivia superstar? Show off your knowledge by taking quizzes. Learn More

  • eBook Reader

    You won't find them on the shelves at your local branch -- but you will find them in your online catalog! Earn this badge by reading ebooks and adding them to your shelf. Learn More

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